Hints & Tips

Small choices can add up to lower the risks associated with drinking alcohol. Here are some suggestions for rethinking your drinking.

  1. 1

    Set limits for yourself and stick to them. Stay within the weekly limits of 10 drinks a week for women, and 15 drinks a week for men.


  2. 2

    Drink slowly. Have no more than 2 drinks in any 3 hours.


  3. 3

    For every drink of alcohol, have one non-alcoholic drink.


  4. 4

    Eat before and while you are drinking.


  5. 5

    Always consider your age, body weight and health problems that might suggest lower limits.


  6. 6

    While drinking may provide health benefits for certain groups of people, it’s not reason enough to start to drink or to increase your drinking. Maybe join a gym instead?


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